Airbrush Bikini Blonde Bombshell Babe Pin-Up Art Picture

By Chuck Bauman

Big Bikini Blonde Bombshell Babe Airbrush Art by Chuck Bauman
This bikini blonde bombshell is the pin-up girl we do in the Instructional DVD -- "How to Paint Portrait and Pin-up Airbrushing" by Chuck Bauman. The airbrushing tools make this pinup project quick and easy. We show you a lot of different general airbrushing information you need to know. This how to DVD has tons on the making and use of the airbrushing templates you need and different template materials etc as they apply to painting pin-up airbrush art. We show you the whole pinup airbrush project process step by step, from A to Z. We even show you how to draw original pin-up girl artwork and virtually any artwork you want to airbrush. Watch the YouTube video below:

How To
Airbrush Portraits and Pin-up Girl Art Instructional DVD
by Chuck Bauman

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