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ABOVE: The incomparable Denise Milani the Sexiest Catwoman Imaginable
Denise Milani is the world's best pinup model. Her incredible beauty and her Goddess-like very real, very natural figure leave nothing to be desired. On top of all that she is very expressive. Her smile just beams and she really does excellent model/acting -- she is very believable as being happy, having fun, being surprised, etc. Those expressions are invaluable in pinup art modeling where you are trying to express ideas or explain stories. A model like Denise (and there is no model like Denise) makes pinup airbrushing art and digital art very easy.

Denise herself if a very good girl and would never be a villain or bad girl so that creates opportunity for an artist to have her be someone that she would never be as a model... and it is all in fun and with respect to Denise -- she is wonderful. All of my thanks and love to Denise.

As unbelievable as Denise Milani is, she is real -- and natural! There are lots of photos of her on the web and be sure to check out Denise's website at denisemilani.com>DeniseMilani.com

Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Bikini Blonde Bombshell by Chuck Bauman
This is the simple quick pin-up bikini blonde bombshell from the Instructional DVD in how to airbrush paint sexy eye-popping pinup girls and picture perfect airbrush portrait paintings.

Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Nude Blonde
This is a great example of a classic nude airbrushed pin-up girl painting. This particular pin-up shows how to pose nude lady so as not to be too revealing -- to not actually show "nude" parts. Of course there are a variety of poses and props to allow this effect and there is certainly no rule that nudity in pin-up art be invisible or obscured. Nudity is often just considered unacceptable in many situations where pin-up art would be on display. Nudity without nudity is the next best thing though.

Naughty Nurse Costume Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Nude Brunette
This naughty nurse costume airbrush pin-up painting is a nice example of using props and situational elements to create a more meaningful and symbolic piece of pin-up art. An airbrush artist might make a sexy nurse pin-up painting to celebrate the medical professions for artwork on a vehicle on a health car employee for instance or because a naughty nurse is a particularly appealing fantasy for a particular customer. Following that an airbrush artist might paint a pin-up girl in a mechanics coveralls or with tools or other props or costumes to appeal to other customers and their interests.

Airbrush Pin-up Bikini Biker Babe
Bikini Biker Babe -- another classic. popular version of the airbrush pin-up girl.

Classic Sexy Airbrush Pin-Up Girl
Classic Sexy Pin-Up Girl -- often called the "Whoops" factor, pin-up often has the girl in a situation where they are having some sort of mishap that is "innocently" resulting in the disrobing or where the art viewer perspective is of having "inadvertently" caught the subject girl off guard while dressing or undressing.

It is important to point out that this is generally not voyeuristic -- that is secretly viewing the girl -- but rather as though the viewer has in essense accidently opened the wrong door at the wrong time. The viewer is supposed to be as shocked -- although clearly pleased -- as the subject pin-up girl. Provocatively, this is supposed to be set in the exact moment is one on the cusp of finding out the girl's opinion on the situation and the viewer is to fel "hopeful" that the pin-up girl upon momentary reflection decides she is happy to be so discovered.

Elvira Bikini Pin-Up Airbrushed by Chuck Bauman

Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Vampira Goth Witch Celebrity Babe by Chuck Bauman
This is a airbrush pinup portrait (by Chuck Bauman) of Vampira -- the predecessor to Elvira. This particular painting is heavily stylized and embellished but not quite cartoonish.

Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Lilly Munster (Yvonne DeCarlo) Goth Witch Celebrity Babe by Chuck Bauman
This is a airbrush pinup portrait (by Chuck Bauman) of Yvonne DeCarlo as "Lilly Minster". This particular painting is somewhat stylized and embellished based on this particular customer's requests.

Airbrush Pin-up Sexy Nude Brunette
This is a great example of a classic airbrushed pin-up girl wearing a dress. This particular brunette pin-up shows how even a very clothed pin-up girl can be very sexy.

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